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Multiblog Bug Fix

What follows is incorrect and remains for archival reasons only. There is a corrected version.

A few days or weeks or hours after restructuring the main page for this blog, I noticed that the layout for blog entries that chronologically come between bits posts were not closing. The result was that blog entries that did not start a day’s posts would be contained in the same container as bits posts written later that day. The visual representation of date relationships was broken, though the information was there for anyone to see.

I went after this bug yesterday» and also fixed the absence of JavaScript to bits archives. Here is the in-production MultiBlog stanza for this page.

The textarea above is 50 lines tall, so the last five lines (45-49») are what’s new.

There’s something that needs to be said for bugs and bug fixes. While perhaps not as consequential as, say, footnotes are to the textual unconscious», bugs do significantly alter authorial intent in a way that can be compared to the way unconscious impulses deform expression in parapraxes».

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