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An American Dream (subprime palette)

While the Fed works overtime to ensure that shareholders of publicly traded companies don't lose their seasonal homes in Telluride, CO, and the weekend pickmeups in Martha's Vineyard, working class Americans set up shanty towns in Los Angeles, CA, home of Disneyland, Hollywood, and the culture industry whose "promise [. . .] is illusory: all it actually confirms is that the real point will never be reached, that the diner must be satisfied with the menu" (Horkheimer and Adorno 1230).

While the number of foreclosure victims living in this makeshift town are in the minority, all of the people in this shanty town are products of forces more complex and larger than themselves. It's stunning how the United States fails to respond to the needs of these people and how quickly it acts to protect the luxuries of the wealthy. end of article

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It's ironic that the report is from the BBC... our papers and media don't seem as concerned as the Brits!
Hard to believe people in the US are living in "camps" like refugees...