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Snowbase DNS

Domain names are tricky. You sign up for one, thinking it’s a pretty cool name. Then, after a year or three, you’re like “What the jackson was I thinking when I registered blurfle.org?” Anyhow, I’ve decided that desiringmachine.net isn’t so hip, notwithstanding it’s Deleuzean origins.

I’ve changed baby’s primary name server to snowbase.net and have moved desiringmachine’s neglected blog to desiringmachine.snowbase.net.

At some point in the near future, I may relinquish control over the desiringmachine.net domain. If I host your website or provide you with email, you’ll need to update your server information, especially the authoritative DNS servers for those domains of yours which I host.

The image below is a link to a short video explaining how to update Godaddy’s DNS servers, or you can download the video directly (7.4 MB, QuickTime required).1

Poster frame of video tutorial on how to update Godaddy DNS delegation

As you were. end of article

1 I apologize for the SIZE of the video, but version 4.0 of Godaddy’s Domain Control Center, while more usable, is at minimum 1000 pixels wide. The video is wide enough to jam this double-column layout on my 12" iBook, pipsqueak, so I offloaded it to the linked page.



(Thanks for the video tutorial. Easy-peasy.)