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Firefox 2.0 and SSL 2: A non-Christmas Carol

As suggested by the subtitle, this is as non-Christmasy a blog post you will find on the Internet today. The bleeding-edge developers of Firefox have made our world a safer place with Firefox 2.0 by not enabling by default people to access web pages which rely on SSL 2. The rest of us carry on with life as usual.

If you use Firefox 2.0 (a good choice in most cases) and you have need to access encrypted sites which rely on SSL 2 (mainly web sites that use encryption using self-signed/unverified certificates), follow these instructions.1

1. In a new tab type “about:config” (w/o quotations) in the address

bar and press RETURN

2. In the filter field enter "security.enable_ssl2" (w/o quotations)

3. Double click the entry so the value is true

4. Close the tab or the about:config editor

5. Quit Firefox

6. Restart Firefox

Avoid grinches while the surf's up. end of article

1 Any site that transmits truly sensitive information including Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, and pictures of naked jellyfish should use authenticated certificates and more robust forms of encryption. These instructions are meant to be used only to enable access to encrypted sites that transmit non-critical data.