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Speaking of Flying

The powers-that-be of the United States are having a difficult time understanding the Fourth Amendment. The problems with universal, arbitrary searches are manifold, and present surveillance techniques at US airports are not specific enough for the dangers they ostensibly diminish.

There must be a better solution than irradiating every one who boards a plane and storing personal data about those people in a database whose distribution and scope is managed by people who are basically lying.

I hope those of you flying through US airports on 24 November 2010 will participate in National Opt-Out Day to protest the curtailing of American Civil Liberty.

If you find yourself concerned as I am, consider supporting the grass-roots organization Fly With Dignity, who explain

We originally began with a plan to run advertising through major media outlets to gain attention, we now plan this along with other ways to get the public involved and to support our goal of a moratorium on the Backscatter X-Ray machines, as well as the end to pat-downs at the airport, both of which invade our privacy, and are degrading as a human being and American citizen. If you agree with these ideas, we urge you to sign our petition and get involved  in our various methods. Anything from a simple phone call or email to opting out at the airports will cause a reaction that will bring us one step closer to our goal.

Consider also signing Fly With Dignity’s petition to impose a moratorium using backscatter x-ray machines in US airports.

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Yes! These outrageous violations of our Fourth Amendment rights must be stopped.

Also check out: http://wewontfly.com/

Thanks for posting about this.