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Obama Administration Considers Depriving American Citizens of Their Constitutional Rights

It is time to start shouting.

Representatives and appointees of the Obama administration—particularly David Axelrod and Attorney General Erich H. Holder—are considering abridging one of the most important Supreme Court interpretations of the Fifth Amendment, the right against self-incrimination, designed to protect US citizens from (trial) abuses by law enforcement and the judiciary. Alexrod said to CNN that President

Obama was “open to looking at” changing the Miranda rule, which generally bans prosecutors from using as evidence statements made by suspects in custody before they have been warned that they have a right to remain silent and to consult a lawyer. “There may be some things that have to be done,” Mr. Axelrod said. “Certainly we’re willing to talk to Congress about that. But they would be in the area of adjustments, not a wholesale revision.”

I have no idea what kind of adjustments the Obama administration is considering regarding the Fifth Amendment and I don’t care.

All US citizens, native and naturalized, deserve equal protection under the law and the full exercise of their Constitutional Rights. Once Constitutional protections have been removed for one group of US citizens, the Constitutional rights of all US citizens will fall more easily. The only remaining question will be when will the government find it convenient and expedient to abridge those rights.

Holder should relinquish office immediately, as he has proven himself unfit to serve the citizens of the United States.

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