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I’ve Deactivated My Facebook Account

I haven’t felt this way in maybe ten years, this panicked need to just get the fuck out. But I felt it about Facebook. I’m an introvert, and I think the barrier to communicating person-to-person(s) should be fairly high, higher than it is on Facebook, anyhow.

I found virtually everything posted by people I love dearly and desperately to be inane.1 It didn’t matter whether those updates were about family, friends, work, or ideas. After the nostalgic reconnection to people I realize I no longer even (or ever) knew, I couldn’t hack it anymore.

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1 I don’t think inanity is the full reason I’ve decided to deactivate my Facebook account. Here’s my supplemental response to “Why are you deactivating?”

I dislike visiting Facebook. It presents my friends with the illusion that I may regularly visit the site. I would feel quite different if there were an RSS feed I could subscribe to for the various updates. Email is bothersome.

After a few months of deactivation, I will consider deleting my account. I look forward to Facebook taking its head out of its ass and offering users other ways of (i.e. RSS) of receiving updates.