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Racism is tastier with a dash of class anxiety

Some white people think colonizing mass culture as "what they like" is equivalent to reading a barometer of cultural hegemony. Congratulations.1

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1 Remember to try this with a little deleted context. 2
2 Or get really advenenturous with something new for your palate.



I don't understand what you just said, but I hate all of those websites. A good friend thought the "stuff white people like" was funny and forwarded the link; I'd already seen the site and found it juvenile and just stupid. So old news, so "funny when you're 17." So not funny. It's too stupid to even give much thought to. There. I'm done.


I just saw this and thought of your post. Stuff [White/Educated Black/Queer/etc./etc.] People Like makes me yawn, but given the meme and its title-bar image, this one made laugh: Stuff Nobody Likes - herpes, Hitler, taxes and TV Dinners. Sounds about right...