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Someone's Breathing

I know the identity of Pseudonymous Graduate Student.1 I also believe, though I'm not sure, that P.G.O.A.T. and nth Year are her, too.

I sent Pseudonymous Graduate Student the following email:

Dear Pseudonymous Graduate Student

Ms. [. . .]:

After connecting your writing style with a comment I presume you made anonymously it took me all of five minutes to find your real identity.

The point I would like to make again is that raising people's ires (aka trolling) by using "inflammatory vulgarities" is a really bad idea. As I said in one of my comments to your post "Cut that shit out.", such thoughtlessness will only make people want to find you, this email being a case in point.

Good luck to you in your job search, Ms. [. . .], and a happy new year.

Johnnie Wilcox
aka mistersquid

end of article
1 I have no intention of outing the candidate in question and will ignore requests for information.