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Skim This

The users who have been complaining about iMovie '08 and the pundits who have nothing more to say except "It should have been called something else" have failed to see that the skim feature present in iMovie '08 (and in a different form in iPhoto '08) is not only the future of video editing. It is also the future of computer file manipulation.

FCP is a powerful program that has its problems as well as benefits. It will inherit the scanning features present in iMovie '08 and thereby improve the process of digital video editing. Great. But I can imagine the skim feature (as present in iMovie '08) integrating into search capability: for example, piles of items that can quickly be perused by passing a mouse over them and marked on the fly for future reference). I can also imagine dozens, hundreds, of (say) on-demand video items being easily perused using a technology adapted from iMovie '08.

It's the way forward but no one in the Macosphere seems to see this. end of article