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Cuss in Public

US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is no friend of the people, what with his pathological case of the smirks during questioning about Federal eavesdropping on phone lines and electronic data streams. But we knew that his GOP-backed agenda against civil liberties was par for the Bush administration.

Astonishment sets in when one considers the members of the House and Congress who not only shuffle-stepped Patriot 1 into the law of the land but also fell all over themselves in their attempts to carry banners for Patriot 2.

The New York Times reports

“We now know that it is very likely that the amendment to the Patriot Act, which was made in March of 2006, might well have been done to facilitate a wholesale replacement of all or part of U.S. attorneys without Senate confirmation,” said Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, who serves on the Judiciary Committee. “Who authorized all of this? Who asked for that change?”

This makes me so furious I want to cuss in public, especially since, Senator Feinstein, you are one of the persons who “authorized all of this.”

How about empowering an independent committee to investigate the voting record of these US legislators, jailing as enemy combatants those found guilty of voting in the constitutionally-challenged and so-called Patriot Acts? These legislators had to have understood the ramifications of Patriot 1 with real-life patriots warning of the damage being done to American freedom (aka civil liberty), and anyone with an IQ in the neighborhood of a potato could have told you what was up when Patriot 2 came knocking.

Now these dunderheads want AG Gonzales’s head. How about the heads of the cowards who voted yes on Patriots 1 and 2? end of article