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First Chain Art Post

I have never responded to a chain anything. Until now.

My main medium is the written word. However, for this meme, I will declare my medium of choice to be digital pictures and a short piece of writing.

Here’s the deal: if you are one of the first five people to comment to this post and add a similar meme to your own blog, I will craft a 128 pixel x 128 pixel image that is unique to you accompanied by a few brief words about you and the image.1 In the best of all worlds, that image will be logo-ready and the writing pithy and flattering, but I reserve the right to improvise depending on who responds.

Takers? end of article

1 In other words, you do have to have a blog to participate. I will accept MySpace pages in cases of urgent need.



Can I do this? Because I would love art from you like you wouldn't believe!