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How I Learned to Give Up and Start Worrying About My Flow

Consider an autopoietic system whose self-regulation is both the means of its functioning as well as its rhythmic breakdown. Malfunction as renewal.

I ad(a|o)pted a new flow so joyful that alternates promise bother at best and agony as norm.

As in all religious instants, the artification, through symbols, of machines that generate language in bursts materialized possibility. The memory of a genesis which eclipsed both my lawn and my pedagogy prepared me for the reality that machinic (and symbolizable) nature depends on segmenting the idealized passage of points along a circumference, that arcs must be quantized, breaks interrupting the flows.

I gave up getting it right.

How does a tool (any one) joint output? Segmentation and granularity (and the automaticity of the granulating mechanisms) are the fundamental characteristics of disjunctive synthesis.

Instead I got it to work. end of article



Sounds like a leaky faucet to me.