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Email Blackout: The Supermoves of a Stupendous Bozo

To anyone who may have tried to contact me by email on Sunday, 21 May between 1:00 pm and 9:30 pm EST: your email may have been irretrievably lost. I made changes to the postfix servers on my two Internet-facing machines and, stupidly, did not test things to make sure everything was operating smoothly.

As a result of that stroke of genius, email sent to the following domains (among others) may have been lost to the bit bucket in the sky:


I think I've fixed the problem but I can't fully test things without resetting passwords and/or peering into my users' email files. If you think your email has been lost (recipients and senders) you should be able to notify me at mistersquid.com or at mistersquid at gmail dot com.

I apologize for being such a stupendous bozo. end of article