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Maybe two years ago I had a section on mistersquid that was a blog. I labeled it “transient,” and never knew how much traffic it received. I didn't allow robots to index it.

Placing that blog in a subdirectory partially distinguished it from the more topical (as opposed) to personal entries, which felt necessary and appropriate given mistersquid was linked off my academic home pages. Of course, entries occasionally got too personal and I wasn't comfortable letting casual visitors so closely associate mistersquid with Johnnie Wilcox. They are distinct.

Furthermore, the original layout of mistersquid, at least the navigation bar, was beta. I rendered the navigation bar using Raydream Studio 5.5, a Mac OS 9 application that could easily be called the most underpowered and poorly-provisioned 3D-rendering application ever published for a consumer market. Beta became stable but not in the Google sense of “beta.” I just let the suckage sit.

I don't have time or energy to rethink the visual of this site, and I also very much want to become more publicly personal. Thank goodness for academic licenses and Movable Type. Unfortunately, the web interface for Movable Type just wasn't graceful enough to encourage regular posting, and I was busy setting up full-fledged, remotely-adminstratable Internet servers. And I didn't learn about ecto until two weeks ago.

So, visual distinction for casual users. But this is not the place for my more private musings. You'll need to fork from here for that. end of article