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Saturday, 02 March 2013

Bikeaversary 01

I'm surprised the last main entry before this one is a note about Steve Jobs’ death. Weird.

Much time has passed since and I am finally beginning to feel I understand some of the contours of this new life outside of academia. I often boggle at my good fortune and am humbled by its challenges and privations. More rarely, I note a small success, a shift or crystallization of things into greater understanding. I can see pieces fitting together.

Having undertaken a fair share of soft and hard reboots, I’ll edge in by noting that yesterday was my first bikeaversary (not recommended practice to increase daily follower rates, I know.»)

That is, the bike I paid Mission Bicycle to build for me was ready for pick up on 29 February 2012.

The changes that simple vehicle has brought to my life are profound. I know extolling the virtues of a bicycle will sound childish to many, but the experience has been transformative. Every time I get out on my bike I’m improving my health, I restrict my carbon footprint, I increase my sense of well-being, I see cool stuff, and I connect with others.» For me it’s the opposite of getting in an automobile (public or private). Looking back over the course of forty years, I realize it's always been this way.

Coming home from work yesterday, I'd finished logging my 471st ride for a total distance of 2441.07 miles, most of those miles done right here in SF.

I love it.


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