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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Hooked Through the Eye

I feel like a musky with all the fight gone out of him.» Last night I told one of our front desk clerks/security personnel that they keep me on a short leash, that eight hours a day is most of your life. Aaron replied, Most people don’t realize that and when they do, they’re blown away.

A couple days back an academic commented on Dynamic Anchors using Javascript and Tinderbox, and I (in part) replied

Thank you for your kind words.

In July 2009, I left academia to work as a web developer in the Bay Area. As a non-academic, I no longer provide free consulting and my guess is that you, as an academic, cannot afford my services ($125/hour).

I may one day further detail how I work with EndNote, Tinderbox, and PERL, but am uncertain when this may happen. I will write you when I do.

While I cannot provide complete details or unpaid support, I am sending versions of the files referenced in [Dynamic Anchors using Javascript and Tinderbox]. In [that] ZIP archive [. . .], you will find the following.

  1. The tbx document I used in one of the last classes I taught: "20092eng339.tbx".
  2. The PERL program I use to convert EndNote exports and generate tbx documents: "tbx".
  3. The export templates referenced by the documents above.

To fully make use of these documents you will need a basic-to-intermediate understanding of PERL, a high-level understanding of Tinderbox export syntax, and a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will also need JQuery, which can be downloaded from the web.

If you modify and/or distribute any of the attached files, please keep the copyright notices and contact information intact or credit me as appropriate.

[. . .]

A few pointers on using my “tbx” PERL program.

  • To generate a “research” Tinderbox document: tbx -r [NEWFILENAME]
  • To generate a “teaching” Tinderbox document: tbx -t [NEWFILENAME]
  • To generate a “generic” Tinderbox document for web publishing: tbx -g [NEWFILENAME]
  • To genrate a Tinderbox document that incorporates an EndNote export: tbx -en [FILETOIMPORT]
  • To genrate a Tinderbox document that incorporates an Skim notes export: tbx -skim [FILETOIMPORT]

I really do hope one day to flesh further the skeleton of how I use PERL, Tinderbox, and EndNote to publish to the web. For now, remunerated work isn’t leaving me much room for side research.

Donations welcome!

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