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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Q: Coincidence?

Devolution Explained

A: I think not!

Looking for non-fat organic milk produced by free-range cows and freshly-bunched and twist-tied cilantro, I discovered imprinted on the side of a carton of “Virgin Lemonade” a likeness of one of Jocko Homo’s possible ancestors. The sighting occured outside the dairy refrigerator of Canyon Market, marked by the flag labeled “A” in the map below.

Canyon Market
2815 Diamond Street, San Francisco CA 94131

As you probably can tell, I’m mesmerized by the diversity of the ecosystem I find myself in and am just establishing a routine predictable and stable enough to document just a small part of it. If this post were more serious in tone, I would say hello to you, my faithful readers and friends. I’ll be back with more soon. end of article

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